The Pro is the Ultimate espinner!

The miniSpinner Classic changed attitudes about espinners when we introduced it in 2009.  Spinners loved them! 

The miniSpinner Pro represents another significant advance in handspinning technology from HansenCrafts.  The miniSpinner Pro isn't just faster and more powerful, it also has a revolutionary new, custom, closed-loop speed controller.  What does that mean?  Think of it as Cruise Control for your miniSpinner! 

The miniSpinner Pro will maintain a constant speed, independent of load, even at very low speeds.

This is a real boon for technical spinners who need to maintain a perfectly consistent rate of twist throughout a project, as well as for art yarnies who may need higher-than-average brake tension at very low speeds.

The miniSpinner Pro is the same size and weight as the miniSpinner Classic, but has 2-1/2 times the power and offers flyer speeds up to 3,000 RPM. It has a whisper-quiet brushless DC motor and the same great handling as the original miniSpinner.  Compatible with all accessories.  It's awesome!

Quiet, smooth, light, and portable...  But super powerful!

Note: All miniSpinners are assembled when an order is received, so shipping may be delayed.