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miniSpinner Pro - the ULTIMATE espinner!

Download the miniSpinner Pro manual


  • More torque - even at very low speeds - great for art yarnies and production spinners.
  • Higher top speed and more power for faster spinning and plying.
  • The Pro's brushless DC (BLDC) motor is even quieter than the miniSpinner Classic!
  • Same size, weight, and shape as the miniSpinner Classic.
  • Available with either the standard (jumbo) or lace flyer, and is compatible with all the original mS accessories.

Technical overview:

  • With a 40 watt brushless DC (BLDC) motor and a new, custom, constant-speed controller, it is whisper quiet.
  • This unit has about 2.5 times the torque of the miniSpinner Classic.
  • Maximum speed is 2,000 RPM with the standard (jumbo) flyer, and 3,000 RPM with the lace flyer.
  • Has all of the smooth handling of the original miniSpinner.
  • The soft-start and -stop make it just as responsive as the original mS.
  • Supports the optional LCD display/remote switch.

What's included:

  • miniSpinner Pro, complete with flyer and one bobbin
  • Additional 2 jumbo bobbins or 3 lace bobbins (depends on flyer selected)
  • Orifice reducer set
  • Maintenance kit
  • AC power supply
  • Mains power connector for your country
  • Remote/foot switch
  • Orifice threader
  • Zipper gear bag for accessories
  • Jute miniSpinner logo tote bag
  • Manual

Product Details:

Weight: About 4.3 pounds(2.2kg)
Dimensions:  10"L x 6.25"W x 8"H (160x254x205mm).
Orifice:  5/8" (15mm), orifice reducers optional but recommended.
Design:  Flyer lead (Scotch tension) style, which has characteristically light "feel" for effortless spinning.
Bobbin (standard):  4.25" diameter x 5.78" long, 70.4 cubic inch capacity (up to 14 ounces depending on fiber diameter and density).
Speed:  Continuously variable from 0 to 3,000 RPM with lace flyer, 2,000 RPM with standard flyer.  The optional WooLee Winder flyer will be speed-limited by centrifugal force and/or out-of-balance issues at high speeds.
Motor:  Powerful, high-quality 12 volt BLDC motor, reversible.
Power supply:  12 volts DC, 4.2 amps maximum 100-240 volts input, 50-60 Hz. 
Speed controller:  State-of-the-art PIC microcontroller-based quiet sinusoidal drive using pulse width modulation (PWM) with overload protection, soft-start, and soft-stop for gentle starts and stops. 
Remote/foot switch:  Configurable as tap-ON/tap-OFF or "deadman" mode (hold down for ON, let up for OFF).

Tachometer Sensor Magnets:

The tachometer sensor magnets are used to determine the RPM of the flyer; the Pro and Classic V2 minispinners are able to display this information when using our LCD display, which plugs into the foot switch jack.

All HansenCrafts flyers now include these magnets, but older flyers and WooLee Winders lack them.  So:  If you are purchasing a WooLee Winder and wish to show RPM when the display is available, for an additional $15.00, you can order these magnets.