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Have you read these books? 


One of these lights is handy when you are spinning somewhere that is a bit dim.


Here are a couple of options, other than ZUCA bags, to carry and store your miniSpinner

These coolers from eBags are handy for carrying your miniSpinner.
The padded construction protects your precious cargo.

You can tote your miniSpinner in this nifty folding cart. You'll probably want to get some padding to put around your spinner, but it has a collapsing handle and a removable lid which turns it into a little table top. When not being used, it folds down flat.


I know some of you have been looking for little folding tables for your miniSpinner.  Here are a few I've found.


 This ball winder seems to be the same family as a winder I've been using for years.  I think it is just a little sturdier than some...especially for the price.

I haven't ever tried this yardage counter.  Has anyone tried it?  Do you like it?

When I got my first finger row counter, I thought "how silly".  Well, I am so won-over!  I now see why you might want to buy more than one at a time.  You probably have more than one project going at a you will be popular for giving them as presents too!

 Don't these look fun for a gift for a friend, or for yourself?!

 We find that using an eyebrow brush is helpful for getting bits of loose fiber out of the motor sheave area.  This one will do that  job!


These pointy little tweezers will help to get fibers that are a bit stuck out of the motor sheave area.  The bright color won't hurt anything either!  =-)