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miniSpinner Pro - the ULTIMATE espinner!

Download the miniSpinner Pro manual


  • More torque - even at very low speeds - great for art yarnies and production spinners.
  • Higher top speed and more power for faster spinning and plying.
  • The Pro's brushless DC (BLDC) motor is even quieter than the miniSpinner Classic!
  • Same size, weight, and shape as the miniSpinner Classic.
  • Available with either the standard (jumbo) or lace flyer, and is compatible with all the original mS accessories.

Technical overview:

  • With a 40 watt brushless DC (BLDC) motor and a new, custom, constant-speed controller, it is whisper quiet.
  • This unit has about 2.5 times the torque of the miniSpinner Classic.
  • Maximum speed is 2,000 RPM with the standard (jumbo) flyer, and 3,000 RPM with the lace flyer.
  • Has all of the smooth handling of the original miniSpinner.
  • The soft-start and -stop make it just as responsive as the original mS.
  • Supports the optional LCD display/remote switch.

What's included:

  • miniSpinner Pro, complete with flyer and one bobbin
  • Additional 2 jumbo bobbins or 3 lace bobbins (depends on flyer selected)
  • Orifice reducer set
  • Maintenance kit
  • AC power supply
  • Mains power connector for your country
  • Remote/foot switch
  • Orifice threader
  • Zipper gear bag for accessories
  • Jute miniSpinner logo tote bag
  • Manual

Product Details:

Weight: About 4.3 pounds(2.2kg)
Dimensions:  10"L x 6.25"W x 8"H (160x254x205mm).
Orifice:  5/8" (15mm), orifice reducers optional but recommended.
Design:  Flyer lead (Scotch tension) style, which has characteristically light "feel" for effortless spinning.
Bobbin (standard):  4.25" diameter x 5.78" long, 70.4 cubic inch capacity (up to 14 ounces depending on fiber diameter and density).
Speed:  Continuously variable from 0 to 3,000 RPM with lace flyer, 2,000 RPM with standard flyer.  The optional WooLee Winder flyer will be speed-limited by centrifugal force and/or out-of-balance issues at high speeds.
Motor:  Powerful, high-quality 12 volt BLDC motor, reversible.
Power supply:  12 volts DC, 4.2 amps maximum 100-240 volts input, 50-60 Hz. 
Speed controller:  State-of-the-art PIC microcontroller-based quiet sinusoidal drive using pulse width modulation (PWM) with overload protection, soft-start, and soft-stop for gentle starts and stops. 
Remote/foot switch:  Configurable as tap-ON/tap-OFF or "deadman" mode (hold down for ON, let up for OFF).