Clear Standard Bobbin

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Vibrant and colorful, HUGE BreakDown bobbins!  Lightweight, solidly constructed, eye-catching bobbins of aluminum, acetal (Delrin), and beautifully finished laser-cut acrylic (Plexiglass).  Attractive, strong, rigid, and durable. Incredibly convenient for travel and storage. 

Assembly:  Hold the bobbin end by the outside perimeter, then insert the bobbin core and twist about 1/4 turn as you gently press the core into the bobbin end.  It's like pushing a cork into a bottle; it doesn't take a lot of force, but you MUST twist a small amount during assembly.  Be sure that the bobbin core is fully seated and the shoulder at the end is tight against the bobbin end.

Disassembly:  Hold the bobbin end and gently pull on the bobbin core while twisting the core about 1/4 turn.  Easy!


NOTE:  Acrylic bobbin ends are shipped with a protective paper covering.  Peel this off prior to using the bobbins!

IMPORTANT:  These do NOT work with a WooLee Winder as they lack the gear needed to drive the mechanism.  Purchase WW-compatible bobbins here:  Break Down Bobbin (for WooLee Winder flyer)

What's included:
  • Bobbin; complete assembly of core and two ends

 Product Details:

Weight: About 3.8 oz (about 100 grams)
Dimensions:  4.25" (108mm) diameter x 5.780" (147mm) overall length, 5.125" (130mm) inside length, 0.875"(22.2mm) core diameter
Capacity:  70.4 cubic inches (1154 cubic centimeters)