Break Down Bobbin (for WooLee Winder flyer)

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HansenCrafts breakdown bobbins for WooLee Winder flyers!  Note:  These fit only the WW for the HansenCrafts miniSpinner.

These bobbins are lighter than original wooden WW bobbins (4.3 ounces versus 4.7 ounces for the lightest wooden bobbin).  They look cool (we think so, anyway), and because they break down, it's easy to travel with them.  They are beautifully finished (super smooth break band groove), very durable, and won’t break if you drop them, either.

We make these of aluminum, acetal (Delrin), and Richlite (recycled paper), the same material we use for our own bobbins.

Assembly Instructions:

To assemble the bobbins, hold the end by the outside.  Align it squarely with the bobbin core, then insert the bobbin core and twist as you gently push the end onto the bobbin core.  It doesn't take a lot of force, but you MUST twist while assembling (like inserting a cork into a bottle).

The two ends are different; the wide end is the brake band side, and the brake groove is to the outside.  The thin end must be on the gear end of the bobbin core. 

Look at the inside of your bobbin to be certain the shoulder on the bobbin core is against the bobbin end.  There shouldn't be a gap; if the end isn't fully installed there is a risk that it will come off!


To disassemble the bobbin, hold the bobbin end with one hand and the core with your other hand.  Pull gently (it does not take a lot of force), and while pulling, twist the bobbin core about 1/2 turn.  Again, it's like uncorking a bottle.  The end should come off fairly easily.


What's included:

  • Bobbin; complete assembly of core and two ends

 Product Details:

Weight: About 4.3 ounces (122 grams)
Dimensions:  Bobbin is 4.25" (108mm) diameter x 5.780" (147mm) overall length, 4.625" (117mm) inside length, 0.875"(22.2mm) core diameter
Capacity:  64.2 cubic inches (1052 cubic centimeters)