Yarn Ball Holder - Padauk

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YBH Shaft Included

The NEW HansenCrafts Yarn Ball Holder!!!

No more tangles or added twist from your yarn ball as it is effortlessly dispensed.

This lovely tool prevents twist from being added to or removed from your yarn as you knit or crochet.  Your yarn feeds  from the side of the ball (like paper towels off a roll) so no twist is added.  This means no blobs of yarn barf or twisted up mess that you have to unwind every few rows.

A very smooth bearing allows the yarn to come off the ball with no work from you.  The shaft stores conveniently and securely inside the base.  This little yarn ball holder will drop into the bottom of your project bag to be ready for you at knit night or for relaxing knitting or crocheting at home!


5"/125mm long x 4.5"/113mm wide x 1-3/8"/35mm thick (including turntable), shaft(included) is 4.9"/123mm long


Finely shaped and finished hardwood base
Yarn ball sits on a nearly friction-free rotating turntable
Removable shaft(included) stores securely in a compartment in the base and is held by magnets
1/4"/6.3mm diameter polished steel shaft fits all yarn balls easily

The simple little video below demonstrates how pulling the yarn from a center pull ball adds twist to your yarn. While using a HansenCrafts yarn ball holder, keeps twist from being added to your yarn.