Super Lube® Synthetic Oil with PTFE

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A clear, synthetic oil with excellent lubricating qualities.  This is ideal for lubricating your WooLee Winder flyer.  Also excellent for any other equipment needing light oil as a lubricant.

Note:  The only place you would use this oil on your miniSpinner is on the WooLee Winder, if so equipped.  All other moving parts on a miniSpinner are either permanently lubricated or self-lubricating.

This is great stuff; we use it on all kinds of equipment in our manufacturing facility. 

What's included:

  • Super Lube Precision oiler containing 7cc of Super Lube oil

 Product Details:

Weight: About 1 ounces (28 grams)
Dimensions:  0.5" diameter x 4" long (13mm x 100mm)