Speed Controller V2

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Our version 2 speed controller. This is usually a drop-in replacement for the original miniSpinner speed controller. 

Download the instructions for the new controller.

Note:  Very early miniSpinners may need to have some wood removed for the new controller to fit.  We will make these modifications for you at no charge, other than the cost of shipping your miniSpinner back to you.

The new controller has no toggle switch, just a multi-purpose pushbutton that also has an LED inside.

A brief press will turn your miniSpinner on or off, complete with soft-start and -stop. So, you no longer need the remote switch to take advantage of those features (though it has a jack for the remote switch if you want to use it). That makes life simpler.

You change direction by pressing the button for 1 second or longer. The button lights alternately red, then green, then red, and so on, until you release it. If it’s green when you release the button, your miniSpinner will turn clockwise when you next turn it on. Red is counterclockwise. The alternating colors change every second so it’s easy to do.

It will remember the direction until you change it, even when power is disconnected, same as it remembers the foot switch configuration. It’s easy to use and works great.

The LED in the button also lights up when you power up the miniSpinner to tell you which direction is set. It blinks once if the remote switch is in DEADMAN mode or twice if in TAP/TAP mode, so you know just by watching when you apply power.

If an error is detected (high voltage, low voltage, overload, motor stalled, etc.), the LED blinks in groups; 3 blinks, pause, 3 blinks, repeat, to tell you exactly what’s wrong. The number of blinks is the error number.

If you have the optional LCD display, you’ll get a plain-text error message plus other information.

…and so on.

It’s pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

Instructions for replacing the controller are found here: