Orifice Reducers

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The miniSpinner's orifice size of 5/8"(15mm) is perfect for spinning bulky or art yarns, but is much too large for comfortably spinning standard yarns. 

We produce three sizes of orifice reducers so you can select the optimal orifice size for the diameter of the thread you are spinning.  These stabilize your thread and prevent the thread from oscillating by bouncing around in an excessively large orifice.  They're essential for spinning fine yarns!

The number of rings denotes the size in 1/8" increments.

These are made of acetal (Delrin) plastic with silicone o-rings to hold them in place.

What's included:

  • Orifice reducer(s)

Product Details:

Weight: About 1 ounce (28 grams)
Dimensions:  0.750" (19mm) nominal diameter x 2" (50mm) overall length

Installing the Orifice Reducer

The easiest way to install them is to remove your flyer so you can see that it is inserted correctly. 

Hold the flyer's wooden crossarm so that it can't turn.  Insert the reducer and twist slowly as you push it in. Both o-rings should be inside the orifice, and the plastic shoulder of the reducer should be touching the flyer orifice, as shown below.

Note: Some early (pre-2011) WooLee Winders had a slightly smaller orifice, so the last o-ring won't fit inside the orifice. The reducer will still remain firmly in place, however.   

Also note:  Orifice reducers are not available for and will not work with the modified Asford flyer that was used on very early miniSpinners.  The inside diameter of the Ashford flyer orifice tubing varied from one to the next so that we couldn't assure proper fit.


If the orifice reducer won't stay in place, it is probably not fully inserted.  Note that the o-ring is exposed and there is a gap shown by the arrow below:


Removing the Orifice Reducer

Grasp the wooden flyer crossarm, then pull on the reducer while slowly twisting it.