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Download the LCD Display Instructions

Our nifty display lets you know what your miniSpinner is thinking!  It shows direction, foot switch mode, RPM, percentage of power in use (which can help set brake tension), and how many hours and minutes your miniSpinner has been running.  If there's a problem, it also displays a plain-text error message to help you figure out what's going on.

If you have a miniSpinner Pro, you can also use your display as a remote switch.

The primary reason for the display is to make it possible to compute and reproduce twist/inch.  Here's how:

Adjust your miniSpinner and spin to produce the yarn you want. Then, mark your thread and spin for a measured time to establish your drafting rate. (Don’t stop to move the yarn guides, time your actual spinning.)

Pull out the thread to your starting mark and measure how many inches you spun, then it’s just a little math:

RPM x number of minutes of spinning / inches spun = TPI

For example, if you’re spinning at 500 RPM for 1 minute and you spun 50 inches of thread during that time:

500 RPM x 1 minute / 50 inches = 10 TPI

Make a note when you start a project and it’ll be easy to resume the project later and produce the same yarn.

Display Compatibility

  • miniSpinner Pro - all features available, including remote switching
  • miniSpinner Classic V2 - display only - remote switching is not available when used on the Classic
  • The display does not work with the original miniSpinner Classic V1 (the one that has a toggle switch).

Note 1: If you wish to view flyer RPM, the tachometer sensor must be installed on your miniSpinner,  If you purchase a display and need to have the sensor installed on your Classic, we will do it at no charge other than shipping your miniSpinner back to you. 

Note 2:  Sense magnets must be installed in your flyer in order to read flyer RPM.  All HansenCrafts flyers made since mid-2016 have the magnets installed.  We will install sense magnets in WooLee Winders and earlier HansenCrafts flyers for a small charge.

Basic Operation

Simply plug the display into your miniSpinner’s remote switch jack. The display will light up and display a banner page for a few seconds.

Next, the display will show:

  • Flyer direction and remote switch mode,
  • RPM (if sensor and magnets are present),
  • Percentage of available power being used,
  • Total hours of motor-on time, and,
  • If there is an error, information about it.

If you have a miniSpinner Pro and it is in tap/tap mode, the pushbutton on the display will turn your miniSpinner on/off. You can also plug your foot switch into the display and use it.

If you have a miniSpinner Classic the remote on/off and foot switch are unavailable when using the display.