My remote switch doesn't work right!

The usual problem is configuring the remote switch incorrectly.  The behavior of the remote switch is determined by whether it is plugged in or not when power is applied to your miniSpinner.

Since most folks either don't read the manual, or forget this, it can be a bit confusing when you connect things in a different order than usual.

We recommend that you plug the switch in first, then apply the power.  This configures the switch in Tap/Tap mode; press it once to start your miniSpinner, and press it again to stop it.  It is very convenient when you use the switch as a hand control, or when you want to move your feet around.

If you want to use the switch in Deadman mode, apply power before you plug in the switch.  In this mode you must keep the switch depressed to keep your miniSpinner turned on.  When you release the switch, your miniSpinner will turn off.

Deadman mode is problematic with many of the batteries available today because they will turn off the power if you leave your miniSpinner off for more than 20-30 seconds.  When you turn on the battery, your remote switch will operate in Tap/Tap mode because the switch was plugged in when you turned on your battery. 

Therefore, we recommend always using Tap/Tap mode as it is most convenient.  You don't want to be plugging/unplugging your remote all the time as it's inconvenient and if you do it enough you will wear out the jack.