Welcome to the 21st century!  The HansenCrafts miniSpinnertm is the lightest, most compact, technically advanced e-spinner that is commercially available today.  It's also quiet, attractive, and a very capable spinner. 

miniSpinners are easy to use.  There's no need to coordinate treadling with handling your fiber.  The flyer-lead design has light draw-in which is easy on your hands, and the continuously variable speed control makes it simple to dial in exactly the speed you need for the diameter of thread you're spinning.  Unlike a treadle wheel, there's no need to deal with ratios to change the speed of your flyer!  Changing speed is just a matter of turning the dial.

Ergonomics:  With a miniSpinner, you don’t have to sit in a fixed position as you would with a treadle wheel.  You don’t risk repetitive stress injury of your feet, knees, and ankles by treadling.  You can shift your position to find the most comfortable position to spin on your miniSpinner.  You can stand, or even recline, to spin! 

Make Better Quality Yarn:  miniSpinners maintain a nearly constant speed (determined by you), unlike treadle wheels which vary as you apply power impulses by treadling.  A miniSpinner’s more uniform speed, along with our soft-start and soft-stop features, presents a uniquely smooth spinning experience which experienced spinners often notice and comment about.  This helps you create a more consistent rate of twist in your fiber.  Furthermore, because your brain isn’t distracted by the need to treadle, you can focus entirely on drafting your fiber, which improves your diameter control.

Beginners:  Just getting started?  You’ll progress far more rapidly when you can focus entirely on drafting your fiber, undistracted by treadling, starting in the right direction, ratios, and other skills required to operate a traditional spinning wheel. 

Experienced spinner?  You'll love the convenience, portability, quiet, and ease of using a miniSpinner.  Long-time spinners are always amazed at the smooth spinning experience a miniSpinner offers.  You'll love it.

Physical issues?  miniSpinners are ideal if you have physical difficulties. If you have issues with treadling, a miniSpinner will make spinning possible—and enjoyable. 

Portability and Travel:  Traveling with a miniSpinner is a breeze. You can easily bring your miniSpinner to a friend’s house, a spinning event, or a class. Because it requires so little power, a miniSpinner will run all day on a small rechargeable battery; you don’t need to be near an electrical outlet.  You can easily bring it along in your carry-on bag or in its own tote bag.  Use your miniSpinner in a car, RV, or boat (a 12 volt cord is included). Some people even spin (in economy class!) on long flights! 

Limited space:  We live in smaller spaces than people did in the past. Your miniSpinner can live on a bookshelf when not in use, completely out of the way, but readily available.

Isn't it cheating?   This question used to come up often at fiber events, but not anymore!  The best tools are those you don't need to think about when you use them.  Consider your car, your mobile telephone, your household appliances, sewing machines, woodworking tools - all modern conveniences that make your life easier and better.  A miniSpinner is just a modern, better, tool you can use to make superior yarn.  Thousands of miniSpinner owners all over the world agree.

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