Get Started Plying! Zoom session - 2 hours Thursday, October 19th

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Please make note of Amelia's email address if you sign up for this class so your computer won't throw her emails into spam.      ameliagarripoli at gmail dot com 
You will be getting several informative emails from her.

 Got singles down, but your plying is twisting out of control?

Amelia says, "Let's go back to basics and explore how to get a balanced plied yarn.  Learn when we want balance and when we don't/get techniques to control plying. 
We will do a basic 2-ply, 3-ply, and chain ply. 
The class will wrap up with a discussion of finishing methods and choosing the one that's right for your yarn's content and purpose."

Note: this class has 3-6 ounces of singles spinning homework that must be completed prior to class to fully participate. They should be in the range of 10-16 wraps per inch, as consistently as you can spin them. I recommend spinning these singles at least a *week* before class for reasons I'll explain in class!


 Join Amelia Garripoli for a 2 hour spinning lesson with 9 other students on Zoom. There will be time for questions.

  • 8 pm Eastern Time
  • 7 pm Central
  • 6 pm Mountain
  • 5 pm Pacific

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About Amelia Garripoli:
Amelia Garripoli has taught spinning for more than 10 years and is the author of our Power Spinning book.  She has taught small local classes for us, as well as regularly taught power spinning at Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat for years. She has blogged, written other spinning books and many articles for Spin-Off and Ply about spinning. You can read more about her at Ask the Bellwether.


Cancellation policy;

Refunds will only be given within 7 days of purchasing the class.

No one wants to have to cancel just prior to a class, and if they do it is because of a change in personal circumstances, illness, or something far more serious.  We understand the serious nature of cancellations, but HansenCrafts cannot bear the sole risk for the circumstances that cause you to cancel.  We all take risks when we buy tickets ahead.  




Enjoyed the class!
Written by Ulla on Mar 2nd 2021

I took Amelia’s group class last week. Did I ever enjoy Amelia’s sincerity, thoroughness, preparedness and sense of humor! You could’ve heard a pin or fiber drop as we the class listened. I’m watching the recording in bits now, and just have had relaxing times at my Amazing and Beautiful Hansen minispinner—finally, after a whirlwind baby year and now toddler year three months short of a full year of wonder. I’m a more relaxed grandmother with spinning in my toolbox!! Thank you, Amelia, for sharing your knowledge and inspiring us with your teaching!

What a delight!
Written by Deb M on Feb 14th 2021

Good morning! Wanted to let you know what a delight the spinning workshop with Amelia was. She demonstrated techniques in spinning, caring for the spinner, changing out parts as well as answered questions. Of course someone else’s question usually answers your own too. Thank you again for setting this up, Amelia was a joy. Looking forward to more classes in the future.

Written by Joan R on Feb 14th 2021

On Saturday I had an hour on-line session with Amelia, and it was excellent! She is warm and very knowledgeable, not only about spinning, but other related crafts as well. All of my questions were answered and she also saved me a lot of grief. One of the ways I want to use my homespun is braiding. I’ve been doing Kumihimo for a while and thought it would be great to make braids with my own spun silk. Amelia pointed out that when the yarn is on a bobbin, hanging down, it will spin, and the twist will go away. I was amazed that I hadn’t thought of that before. She then told me of a good way to prevent that from happening. In that hour I learned more than what I was expecting. The hour passed quickly, and fortunately she recorded it so I won’t forget anything. I heartily recommend her as a teacher. She is a lovely person and is easily understood. Thank you setting this up.

Written by Suzanne W on Feb 7th 2021

Just to let you know that I finished Amelia's spinning class a few minutes ago -- and it was FANTASTIC. She is a natural teacher, as I'm sure you know (or you wouldn't have offered these classes). She covered all of the topics and questions we had, and although I've been spinning for quite a long time, I learned many wonderful tips that no other teacher ever thought to mention. Thanks to you for arranging to have Amelia teach -- and a huge bouquet to her!

Two thumbs up!
Written by Cynthia B on Jan 22nd 2021

I wanted to take a moment to say "Thank you" for the eSpinner class. I was one of the very lucky people to take the class with Amelia today. My review is simple: two-thumbs up. If I had more thumbs, I'd give more thumbs-up. The material was exactly what I wanted to hear about. I learned new things about twist, a nifty new way of attaching leader, why I was having a problem spinning a very poorly carded roving, a terrific new way of doing a join, and that the foot pedal really won't wear out if I use it. The tips about balancing speed and tension are very helpful. I appreciate the tag-team approach that you and Amelia either planned or it evolved. Thank you for helping me with the take-up issue I was having. Resolving it was a confidence builder. Amelia's teaching style is warm and welcoming and power-packed. I am looking forward to taking more classes from her, hopefully someday in person. To anyone considering taking the class, you are in for a treat! To anyone on the fence about a Hansen's eSpinner, do it; you are in for a treat! Thank you again.