Maple miniSpinner v2

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Download the miniSpinner Classic Manual

Maple is a common American wood.  It is hard, dense, and light in color; almost white in most cases.  It will gradually assume a golden color as it ages.  There are several species, but we use Eastern Maple as it's harder and more dense than the species native to the Northwestern United States.

New features:

  • The toggle switch has been replaced by a button with a bicolor LED to indicate direction, foot switch mode, and error situations,
  • The button turns the miniSpinner on/off with soft-start and -stop,
  • Direction and foot switch mode are saved and restored when you connect power to your miniSpinner; set once and forget it,
  • Better fault detection: High or low input voltage (detects when you use the wrong power supply or voltage setting on your battery), excessive load warning (e.g., too much brake tension), overload, motor stalled, and a few more,
  • Support for an optional LCD display that will show RPM, direction, foot switch mode, percentage of power used (to help you set your brake properly or diagnose excessive drag - usually a dirty WW), and plain-text error displays.
  • The new controller is also slightly more robust than the present one so should be more tolerant of (gentle) face plants that would damage the present controller.

What's included:

  • miniSpinner, complete with flyer and one bobbin
  • 100-240 VAC universal 12 volt power supply
  • Mains power connector for your country
  • Remote/foot switch
  • Orifice threader
  • Tote bag

Product Details:

Weight: About 4.8 pounds(2.2kg)
Dimensions:  10"L x 6.25"W x 8"H (160x254x205mm).
Orifice:  5/8" (15mm), orifice reducers optional but recommended.
Design:  Flyer lead (Scotch tension) style, which has characteristically light "feel" for effortless spinning.
Bobbin (standard):  4.25" diameter x 5.78" long, 70.4 cubic inch capacity (up to 14 ounces depending on fiber diameter and density).
Speed:  Continuously variable from 0 to 2,000 RPM with lace flyer, 1600 RPM with standard flyer, 1400 RPM with WooLee Winder flyer.
Motor:  Powerful, high-quality 12 volt DC motor, reversible.
Power supply:  12 volts DC, 1.5 amps maximum, typically less than 0.5 amps. 
Speed controller:  State-of-the-art programmable PIC microcontroller-based pulse width modulation (PWM) with overload protection, soft-start, and soft-stop for gentle starts and stops.
Remote/foot switch:  Configurable as tap-ON/tap-OFF or "deadman" mode (hold down for ON, let up for OFF).