Ahhhh Alpaca Zoom session - 2 hours Thursday, August 18th

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Please make note of Amelia's email address if you sign up for this class so your computer won't throw her emails into spam.      ameliagarripoli at gmail.com   
You will be getting several informative emails from her.

Join Amelia Garripoli for this 2-hour spinning lesson with 9 other students on Zoom. There will be time for questions.

Ahhhhh Alpaca
Alpaca is one of Amelia's go-to's in spinning fibers. Its silky smoothness dances on the skin making it suitable for scarves, gloves, and hats. That said, it is a slippery fibery and can benefit from considerations suitable to its smooth surface.  

This is not a learn-to-spin class; you should already be able to reliably spin and ply wool.   We will tune our wheels, and practice fiber management and techniques to handle this lovely smooth fiber. Yarn finishing and use will be discussed as well.
You will want to have 1-2 ounces of prepared alpaca fiber - roving, top, or batt is fine; and optionally an ounce of an alpaca blend (alpaca/silk or alpaca/merino are lovely!) to spin for this class.
About Amelia:

Amelia Garripoli has taught spinning for more than 10 years and is the author of our Power Spinning book.  She has taught small local classes for us, as well as regularly taught power spinning at Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat for years. She has blogged, written other spinning books and many articles for Spin-Off and Ply about spinning. You can read more about her at Ask the Bellwether.

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Refunds will only be given within 7 days of purchasing the class.

No one wants to have to cancel just prior to a class, and if they do it is because of a change in personal circumstances, illness, or something far more serious.  We understand the serious nature of cancellations, but HansenCrafts cannot bear the sole risk for the circumstances that cause you to cancel.  We all take risks when we buy tickets ahead.  



Written by NW

I just finished my Beginning Spinning class with Amelia. OMG! THank yo so. Much for making these available in this format! I bought my spinner at Madrona in 2013, played with it enough to spin something I wasn’t ashamed to knit with, but at that time, couldn’t find anyplace to take classes. I live halfway between Phoenix and San Diego, the yarn shops that taught spinning frowned on e-spinners. Not so much anymore. But, there is something to be said for taking a class from someone who is using the same spinner as you. Amelia was an engaging , patient, very good teacher. She did an excellent job and I will be taking more classes that you offer.
Can you tell me what kind of wood my spinner is crafted from? The number on the bottom is 1670S. It doesn’t look like any on your site. I want to get a lazy Kate to go with it very soon, but I am not sure what type of wood it is. I can send a photo if that would help. Seems like it was mesquite wood?
Again, thank you so much for making these available online!


Mary Reynolds has asked me to let you all know that Judith MacKenzie is offering an E-Spinning retreat on September 14-18 at Alton Collins Retreat Center near Portland, Oregon.  Four days of class, spinning fiber, excellent meals, and comfortable lodging are included.
The cost is 755 each for a triple room, $872 each for a double room, and $1012 for a single room.
Attendees can vend for free at the event.  All attendees must be fully vaccinated.
Contact Mary Renolds at [email protected] for a registration link.
Call Mary at 541-490-9028