Two Day Power Spinning Workshop

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Power Spinning! 

From the gal who wrote the book on it, Amelia Garripoli will be teaching a two day workshop in the Port Townsend on September 6th and 7th.  This class is available to a small group.  
It will be held in the classroom of the Wynwood Gallerys (up one flight of stairs) in downtown Port Townsend.  You will be in the perfect position to shop during lunch breaks and after class!

Day One
Spinning is amazingly versatile and also quite personal. We hear about drafting styles, fiber preps, and fibers -- how do you choose? 
See how roving and top, wool and silk, impact your spinning as you aim for different types of yarn and tune your spinning methods.

Day Two
Once you have your singles, what type of plying works for you? On day two, we explore yarn structures and their impact on plying as well as tuning our methods to ourselves. 
Let's spin 2-ply to 4-ply, cables, crepes, and more as we experiment with plying methods and tune our miniSpinners to our techniques.
From singles through plying, you'll learn about your miniSpinner and improve your personal spinning style as you earn an appreciation of the yarns you spin.

We will take our e-spinners for a run, while covering some really important topics.

  • fiber characteristics
  • drafting styles
  • speed and why you change it
  • what makes yarn: twist and grist and how to control them
  • controlling yarn thickness
  • non-wool: slippery fibers like alpaca and silk
  • yarn structure and design
  • plying the yarns you want
 The Details
When                    September 6th and 7th
Time                      9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Break for lunch 12 to 1:30
Where                  Above the Wynood Gallery (up one flight of stairs) in Port Townsend, Washington
What to bring      
  • Your miniSpinner;
  • If you have multiple bobbins bring 3;
  • If you have a lazy kate, bring it; there will be a few kates and ball-winders to use in class.
  • Bring your flyers - Regular, Lace, and WooLee Winder, or whichever you like the most
  • If you have a quill, bring it.
  • Battery (charged) - there are outlets if you prefer to plug in. 
What you'll get   
  • Fiber to spin throughout the workshop featuring Ferndale Fiber's wool, silk and who knows what else
  • A couple great days of fun and learning with a terrific teacher
  • New confidence in your spinning and plying
Accommodation is up to you.  There are many great places to chose from in Port Townsend and the surrounding area.  You can check out various options at PT Guide.  There is also the Old Alcohol Plant a 20 minute drive away.
  • Port Townsend is a very popular vacation town, so book your hotel or VRBO as soon as you commit to the workshop.
Cancellation Policy...
  • For cancellations up to one month in advance, a cancellation fee of $100 will be retained.
  • Sorry, there are no refunds for cancellations made within one month of the retreat, UNLESS we can fill your place two weeks before, in which case we will refund your tuition less the $100 cancellation fee.  This compensates us for the considerable time and effort required to fill your place at this late date.  We will try to assist you in any way we can.  We do not allow trading of class spaces without contacting us for approval.
  • No one wants to have to cancel just a few weeks or less before the retreat and if they do it is because of a change in personal circumstances, illness, or something far more serious.  We understand the serious nature of cancellations, but HansenCrafts cannot bear the sole risk for the circumstances that cause you to cancel.  We all take risks when we buy tickets ahead.  HansenCrafts has a cancellation and refund policy that is generous by the standards of most events.  We will do everything we reasonably can to fill your spot prior to the retreat but it is ultimately your responsibility if we cannot.