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All miniSpinners include a 100-240 VAC universal 12 volt power supply (with appropriate mains power connectors for your country), foot switch, 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter, orifice threader, and tote bag. 

International Orders

We ship worldwide.  International shipping is by USPS Priority Express International, Priority Mail International, or UPS.  Small items are sent via First Class Mail International.  Shipping charges are calculated at checkout time.

Shipping to most offshore (Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand) destinations takes 6-10 days via Priority Express International.  Shipping to Canadian addresses is by Priority Mail.  UPS is available in Canada but you will be charged a hefty brokerage fee.  

Duty, VAT, other taxes

Check with Customs regarding any duty or tax you will be charged on imported goods before you place your order.   Please do not ask us to falsify Customs documents to avoid paying these fees.  

Shipping time: 

We always ship as soon as we possibly can, and most orders ship within a few days.  We try to carry a reasonable inventory, though some premium wood models may be unavailable from time to time.  

Expedited Shipping:  

If you specify an expedited shipping method and want your order to go out the same day, we must receive it by 12 noon, Pacific time.  We have to get your parcel to UPS or the Post Office prior to their deadline for expedited shipping.

Signature Service Required:

PayPal recommends we require a signature on high-value items.  If this is not convenient, please email us and/or mention it in the "Instructions to merchant" when you check out.

Note:  Your credit card is charged when you place your order.  We will advise you if your order will be delayed.

Note to Washington State customers:  We are required to charge sales tax on sales in Washington State based upon the shipping address.  PayPal can't do this automatically, so you will be charged the highest rate, which is currently 9.5 percent.  We review all transactions and will refund you any overcharge, based upon your location.  

If you have special instructions, you can add them at checkout time or email us.

miniSpinner with HansenCrafts Standard Flyer

miniSpinner equipped with our innovative sliding-guide jumbo-sized standard flyer.  Includes one jumbo bobbin,  100-240 VAC universal 12 volt power supply, foot switch, 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter, orifice threader, and carry bag.  (Photo is a maple miniSpinner.)

Select wood:

miniSpinner with HansenCrafts Lace Flyer

miniSpinner equipped with our innovative sliding-guide lace flyer.  This flyer has the lightest, most responsive feel of any of our flyers; it's the sports car of the pack.  Includes one lace bobbin,  100-240 VAC universal 12 volt power supply, foot switch, 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter, orifice threader, and carry bag.  (Photo is a cherry miniSpinner.)

Orifice reducers (see below) are highly recommended!

Select wood:


miniSpinner with WooLee Winder Level-wind Flyer

miniSpinner equipped with WooLee Winder level-wind flyer, one jumbo WW bobbin, 100-240 VAC universal 12 volt power supply, foot switch, 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter, orifice threader, and carry bag.

(Photo is a maple miniSpinner.)

Select wood:

miniSpinner Maintenance Kit..: $27

Includes a brake band assembly, drive band, Super Lube synthetic grease, and the perfect tool for Fuzz Patrol (removing fuzz from places it doesn't belong).  Packaged in a convenient storage tube.  

Note:  If you have a WooLee Winder, select the "Standard Flyer" and consider adding the Super Lube Synthetic Oil, below.

Specify Flyer:

Super Lube Synthetic Oil with PTFE...:  $4.50

The perfect lubricant for your WooLee Winder or other applications requiring a high-quality oil. Contains 7 milliliters of oil in a leak-resistant precision applicator. 

Fits in the Maintenance Kit tube for convenient storage.

HansenCrafts Orifice Reducers (each)..................:  $12.50  

The miniSpinner's 5/8"(11mm) orifice is a bit large for some spinners, so we offer slip-in orifice reducers.  These are made of nicely machined acetyl (Delrin) plastic and slide easily into the flyer orifice (both our flyer and WooLee Winder), projecting about 1"(25mm) from the front of the miniSpinner.  Grooves machined near the outboard end make them easy to grasp.

We offer them in various sizes up to 3/8"(9.5mm).  These fit (and are recommend for) all of the flyers we sell.

Select size:
Set of all three (save $2.50)................:  $35.00

HansenCrafts Lace Flyer (shown next to standard flyer)

It's here!  Our new lace flyer!  This flyer turns at up to 2,000 RPM, has an incredibly soft feel, and is our best flyer yet.  It uses our innovative sliding yarn guides; simply push the yarn guide to move it. Includes one HansenCrafts lace bobbin (about 3 oz/85g capacity), special drive band and brake band.  

This flyer is available in all woods.  View the instruction sheet here.

Select wood:

HansenCrafts Lace Bobbins..: $35

Additional HansenCrafts Lace bobbins for your HansenCrafts Lace Flyer.  These are made of a black composite material, very durable, and huge capacity for a lace bobbin (about 3 oz/285g).  Bobbins are 2-5/8" (76mm) diameter by 5-7/8" (150mm) overall length.  

HansenCrafts Standard Flyer

Our innovative sliding-yarn guide jumbo-sized standard flyer.  You simply push the yarn guide to move it; no squeezing required.   Includes one HansenCrafts bobbin.  This flyer is available in any of the woods we use.  View the instruction sheet here.

Note:  WooLee Winder bobbins may be used with this flyer.

Select wood:

HansenCrafts Jumbo BreakDown Bobbins..: $39 each

Our new HCBD bobbins are light (which makes them more responsive), durable, very solid, and they break down so you can easily take extras with you!.  Bobbins are 4-1/4" (108mm) diameter by 5-7/8" (150mm) overall length.  

Twist slightly as you assemble or disassemble them!

These bobbins do NOT work on a WooLee Winder flyer!


WooLee Winder Flyer for your miniSpinner

This extremely popular flyer automatically level-winds your yarn on the bobbin so you don't have to stop and move the yarn guide.  Great for plying!  Includes one jumbo-sized bobbin.  Cherry WW and bobbin shown.

Note:  This version of WooLee Winder is made exclusively for us to fit miniSpinners; other models of WooLee Winder will not work with a miniSpinner, nor will other models of WooLee Winder bobbins.



WooLee Winder bobbins

Additional WW bobbins are available in maple, cherry, and assorted exotic woods.  Capacity is approximately 10 ounces.  Bobbins are 4-1/4" (108mm) diameter by 5-7/8" (150mm) overall length.  Maple on the left, cherry on the right.  Price is per bobbin.


HansenCrafts Quill Accessory (2G) .......................:  $45  

These second generation (2G) quills may be disassembled for easier storage.

A quill is a useful attachment for spinning very delicate fiber where you want an absolute minimum of tension on the fiber, or for spinning large or bumpy art yarns that won't feed well through the flyer orifice.  Very nicely made.  

We offer two sizes; 3mm/4" long, and 6.5mm/6-1/2" long.

Select size:

miniSpinner Firmware Upgrade..: $25

Includes a microcontroller chip programmed with the latest soft-stop firmware.  This greatly reduces bobbin backlash on the HansenCrafts flyer when using high speed and very light tension.

Note:  All miniSpinners purchased after December, 2011 or with an "S" appended to their serial number already have this firmware installed.


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